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A Giving Heart


Deut 15:8-16

These particular verse of scripture shows God talking to us about giving.  The reason we started this series on giving was to engage the people of God in a real conversation on giving. We must understand that giving is not an investment scheme.  You give because you have a heart for lost people.  You give because you want to help advance Gods kingdom.  God shows in these verses the different types of givers and the different types of attitudes that people have with regards to giving.

A Selfish Heart:  Deut 15:8-9

We have to learn to love each other enough to make sacrifices.  To open our hands wide to those in need. We have issues with this because we would rather show off what we have then give it away.  Selfishness becomes the sin that traps and destroys our lives. A selfish heart will never be blessed.

A Grieving Heart: Deut 15:10

God says that we should give, and that our hearts should not be grieved when we give.  We only grieve when we distrust that God will do what he said he would do.  God loves a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9:7).  The purpose of this series to to get us to stop allowing money to be our God. Money should not control your peace and joy. A person who grieves when they give is a person whose God is MONEY. Give and trust God. Be an excited giver.

Selfishness attacks us before we give, and grief attacks us after we give.  We must keep the correct perspective regarding money, “It belongs to God”. This is hard for the unbeliever to accept because the unbeliever hasn’t given to God what belongs to Him…their heart.   A person who has given their heart to God has no problem giving anything else to Him, including money.

A Liberal Heart: 15: 14

In order to have a liberal heart you must have a mind change. (Romans 12:2)  Most people don’t ask what can I do, rather, they ask what can I get? We were born with a selfish nature.  The enemy gT knows this and uses selfishness to destroy our lives.  We have to become liberal givers. Not just of our money, but also of our time talents and love.

A Grateful Heart: Deut 15:15

Be grateful for what God has done for you. For the unbeliever,  this is hard because they have not experienced the grace and love of God. Those of us who have tasted the grace of God must continue to display a grateful heart. A grateful heart naturally becomes a giving heart.