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Today was communion Sunday. The communion service was conducted a little differently today. Pastor John broke the congregation into small groups and encouraged us to pray for one another. What a beautiful site to see the saints of God “Living His Word” By lifting one another up in prayer. God is truly doing some amazing things here at LHW.

Our worship songs today were. You hold my world, Moving Forward, and, Oh how he loves.

Today’s message, a continuance of our inside out series focused on two specific problems Christians are facing today…

1). Problems in the world: We can’t do anything about our problems because this is a sinful world. The more you find comfort in this sinful world, the more likely you are to face the consequences of that sin. John 16:33.

James 1:2-4 There will always be problems in this world until you die. Problems should not shake your faith causing you to doubt God. When we focus on the problems of this world it brings:

2). Pain in our hearts: Bitterness and anger begin to fill our hearts which ultimately begins to control our actions. 1 Peter 1:6-8
We make the relief of pain our goal instead of an inside out relationship with God. Because the pain never goes away it changes the way we serve God. Now our relationship with God changes from a healthy pursuit of Him to now living an Christian life trying to ensure we never get hurt again. Relationships deteriorate, ministries fall apart, and worship becomes a chore instead of an experience.

Pain is not the problem, our determination to relieve the pain by any way possible is the problem. “When relieving pain becomes the priority the you are not seeking God”. (Dr. Larry Crabb)

Pain will drive you to pursue the cross or run from the cross. Pain makes you seek God more or go deeper into self protection.

How do we act when problems and pain come? Some people begin to:

Sin in their behavior…which leads to a sinful nature. 1 Corinthians 5:5
Only true repentance and forgiveness can stop the sinful behavior. God is calling us to demonstrate holy conduct.

You can’t control the problems of the world or the pain you feel but, you can control your conduct. 1Pet 1:15-16

Uncheck sinful behavior produces a sinful heart. Matthew15:15-20